Other Earthquake Memories

"Some people may have vivid memories of their own experiences in other earthquakes prior to this one. If you have a story you want to share, then feel free to add your memories here."

Here is one from a friend of mine in Whakatane: He was on a hill and could just the the "Waves" rolling aacross the ground towards him. whole houses lifted up and went over like a surfboard. Luckily the "waves" were big enough that a house could easily fit on one and none were badly damaged.

During the Dannevirke earthquake I was in Pahiatua and I remember seeing the telephone polls swaying from side to side wildly. When we drove through Dannevirke on our way home the thing that struck me the most was all the chimneys that had crashed through roofs and also the huge cracks in the road. Sandra (TBCS)

I was in the Edgecumbe earthquake in 1987. I was in Year 8 and it struck while we were at school. It was terrifying. We had been evacuated onto the field as there had been a fore tremor and when the big one struck anyone standing was thrown to the ground and I remember watching the large windows in the classrooms buckling. Once the quake was over the whole school (Awakeri Primary) was evacuated to a farm where we were taken up a hill in case the Matahina Dam had been damaged and would burst. I will never forget being so scared. There was so much damage. Our house looked like a bomb site inside - everything was strewn around the floor - cupboards had spilled their contents onto the floor, and our swimming pool was destroyed. My thoughts are with all of the people affected in Christchurch. Frances