It was so cool that there was no school for a whole week! There were some poor schools that had to go back early, and some lucky ones that dont start until Term 4!!!

The EarthquakeI woke up to the house shaking, I had no idea what was happening. I thought it was a ghost shaking the house (lol, thats so embarrasing, I know). I was paralyzed with fear so stayed in my bed. After it finished, I asked my Mum "What the hell was that"? "It was an earthquake," she replied. My Mum always keeps a torch beside her bed in case of an emergency like this so we had light (yay!). I went and got my phone, all my friends wer texting me but I had no credit so I coudn't reply (sorry for that guys). Our chimney fell off our roof, and we have silt in our garden from the liquifaction. Our flatscreen TV fell of its shelf, but it still works, yayEarthquake
It was midnight when my Mum woke up. She was horrified to feel the house shaking. She came scuttling down the hallway.
She shouted, ”Earthquake, earthquake!”

It was my first time I’d been in an earthquake.
I said to Mum, “What are we going to do?”
“We are going to get under the table,” said Dad.
“When is it going to stop?” I asked.
“It could take all night,” cried Mum.

Bricks were falling from the roof sounding like a gun going off.
Our table was cracking. A brick fell right through.
That gave me a fright.

It was slowing down a little bit. It wasn’t that scary any more.
It was over. I was surprised that it didn’t go all night.
Mum held me in a blanket that she had put over me.
Mum had tears in her eyes.

Our house was ruined.
I thought “Where are we going to sleep now? Or eat?”
I was worried because what if we can’t afford another house?

“I think they will look after us,” said Mum.

by Jade (8yrs Pod 7 Hurupaki School Northland)

We have read about the Christchurch Earthquake and some of our children wrote their own stories, imagining what it was like.
Maybe some of the Christchurch children could leave us a comment to let us know whether our imaginations are on the right track!


The lights cut out, the room went dark. horror stricken we stand still waiting.
It seems to stop. its going slowly. it has flooded drive way
i lost my cat, sadness.
by olivia rm3EARTHQUAKE
I woke up with a shock, in a split-second knowing it was an aarthquake.
I quickly ran to the frame of the door and listened to the aarthquake
shaking then Dad turned the light on. After a cup was broken on the
ground. Dad wasn’t happy. Finally we went back to sleep.

By Phoenix Waimate Centennial School

Earthquake disaster

It was the first time it has happened to me, I was so freaked out that I screamed "Its an earthquake!"

"Oh no"

Georgia cried. So georgia crept under onto my bed with me, we had bunks so we were safe.


I thought to myself. "I wish that I could be a wizard"

I thought again. I crept as quietly as I could to my Mums bedroom to ask if we were alright

By Brittney, Waimate Centennial School

My Story.

I woke up and everything was shaking vigorously. My light was swinging side to side. I heard my mum shouting "It's an earthquake!"I got out of bed., lost my balance and banged my head in to my window. It took me a while to get up again and run downstairs after mum. It had now stopped but I was so frightened and not properly awake yet that I thought it was still happening. Me and mum ran out of the house and went for a drive to have a look at the damage.

MY EARTHQUAKE STORYI woke up because my bedroom started to shake a lot. I got up and went to my parents room and sat on their bed with my brother. We didn't go under a table or in the door frame, we just sat there waiting for the earthquake to stop. After the earthquake stopped my mum grabbed 2 torches from the table and switched them on. While it was happening I didn't know what it was or what was happening, until the first aftershock happened and my mum said it was an earthquake. Me and my family stayed away until the sun started to come up. The shops on the street had been damaged badly and there were power lines in the garden. After the earthquake everyone in the street got their power back in a few hours but my house got its power back 5 days later. There have been over 500 aftershocks since the massive earthquake. Soon they will be over.


Last night I was woken up by my dad because of the Earthquake!! Once I woke up I was hearing the thumbing, rumbling and watching my book shelf falling on my long made lego tower!! I did not realise that it was an Earthquake,so I tried turning on the lights but the lights didn't work.I asked my dad, "dad why aren't the lights working?""Because it is a Earthquake,"my dad said. The girls were scared about Earthquake so the whole family snuggled into the girls' room because they were it scared to move. My photo of Eowyn and I had fallen down from the book shelf & it broke! Eowyn and I said that the Earthquake has to fix.
Christchurch Earthquake 4th September 2010Aramis (8 years old) Room 2 Burnham SchoolHere is a link to Our classroom blog thats has a number of student's recount of the earthquake.Room 2, Burnham School


A big earthquake came town. It went up and down and side to side and it made a big mess in town
Town has a big clean up to do.
Army men have come to help us.
The builders have to tear down lots of chimneys that are not safe.

By Sam Falvey

7 years

The earthquake

I woke up with a jolly good fright. I thought my bed was jelly. I went into the hallway, and Vince shouted
“EARTHQUAKE”. I felt 13 after shocks. Later on my family and I fell asleep.

By Alex, Waimate Centennial School


Earthquake Recounts

Visit to read some personal recounts by children at Redcliffs School. These were written in the days after the quake before school was open.

These were the thoughts going through my head at 7:00pm, Friday 3 September, 2010.
What am I doing tomorrow?
My family are at home.
Will I win my tennis game?
Livvy’s party is really fun.
Will I see Zoë on Sunday?
School’s on Monday.
These were the thoughts I was thinking at 4:40am Saturday 4 September
Will I be getting home today?
I hope my family are safe.
Will tennis be on?
I will remember Livvy’s party forever.
Will I ever see Zoë again?
School won’t be on on Monday.

The extent of the of the damage of the 7.1 earthquake was unknown to me. I didn’t have a cell phone and my greatest worry was how my family were. Earthquakes are no joke. I hope whoever reads this will never have to go through what I had to
EVER! -By Ella Drye (12) Shirley Intermediate School

Earthquakes happen every year.

Alarms go on,

Rumbling noises scared people,

This time no one died.

Houses are badly damaged

Quakes affect many lives.

Unsafe places are closed,

After shocks continue,

Kids are scared.

Emergency kits are needed.
By Mariam Ghazizada (rm5) Shirley Intermediate School

Awoken Awoken by what seemed like hail At a sleepover cosy in my bed I felt no fear, to my surprise But the screams I heard, Reminded me The questions I ask And I wonder why? All the things that could have been All the things All the things Couldn’t sleep once more In case I was awoken again.