Outline your safety plan for if an earthquake strikes


Add more rows as needed.

I haven't developed a safety plan yet, but I have started to look around my home for the dangerous ways that I have previously lived.

For years I have had heavy pottery vases and jugs up on on a dresser unit in my lounge, and tall narrow bookcases in my office right next to where I sit and work, again with too many things that could fly or fall on me if an earthquake struck. This has now changed. The bookcases have been moved out of direct line with my office chair. I have also started compiling a shopping list of things that we need to buy on the next grocery shop to be better prepared for any disaster.

What changes of this nature have you made in your home, school or workplace?

You might like to check out this interactive to see the difference these changes could make

Complete the form and go through this precautionary procedure from Get Ready.

How about having a look around today and see what earthquake dangers you are living with. Take photos and add them in the table here.

A daytime earthquake where you may be away from home
A nightime earthquake when it is dark and you are in bed