My earthquake kit

What needs to be placed in an Earthquake Survival Kit?
Add your and why it would be needed.
: Have at least 10 bottles of water depending on how big your family is because you will never know how long it could be contanimated by the sewerage system.
: Have an efficient amount of non-perishable food to last a good three or for days including food for your pets if you have any.
: Have lots of batteies and have two or three torches. Zedroc
  • A large bottle of drinking water - the water mains and sewerage systems were ruptured in the Christchurch earthquake and water was initially not available and when back on could have been contaminated by sewerage. People who lived in rural areas where water was via a well could be without water for days of the electricity was off or the well was damaged.
  • Cash, if the power is off and the cashflow machines aren't working, then you'll need an emergency fund for buying goods. Our class agrees that it is a good idea to have cash. It is something that is not always mentioned on things to have for an emergency and our teacher never has much cash ( because she always uses her eftpos card) and her family now realise that if the electricity goes then cash is needed.
  • A survival kit can be purchased from this website or use it to think about items you may have forgotten to include
  • How to get ready from Civil defence's Get Thru website
  • Water proof matches
  • Tin opener and tinned food
  • Hyperthermia sheet
  • Disposable nappies for those with young children
  • Some way to boil water & heat food if there is no power available eg a gas hotplate & bottle
  • Key items for an emergency survival kit - Breakfast TV Published: 1:48PM Wednesday September 08, 2010 Source: ONE News
  • Being prepared for an emergency - Good Morning TV 7 Sep 2010 | 0:05:17 How prepared are you should an earthquake strike? Fred Mecoy, the emergency preparedness manager for Wellington City Council, talks us through what essential items your emergency survival kit should contain.
  • How many things would you need in your earthquake kit.