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Earthquake Safety Video
By Hannah, Emma and Courtney of Room 7, Springston School

The girls made this short video to illustrate how to keep safe when an earthquake strikes.
The need to know what to do was fresh in their minds with the recent 22 February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch...

clink on link below

Room 2 Burnham School: Earthquake movie, Students' thoughts

Click on the above link to watch students from Room 2, Burnham School recall what happened when the earthquake struck.
Hey Room 2, Burnham School. I saw "Shove It" on your blog, and you said you bet I couldn't get to the third level. Well I did. :).

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=EARTHQUAKE - Noel Leeming Moorhouse CCTV Video Camera

This footage has been taken from the security camera in our Noel Leeming store in Moorhouse, Christchurch.
As you can see the camera gets a real wobble on and clearly shows the extent of the tremor.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn5rlQRYztQ. Attributed to NLGonTheTele.