From Room 4, Rotokawa school.
We are really sad that you had a big earthquake. It was very scary.

On Friday it is pyjama day. I'm going to have my spotty blue pyjamas or my purple hearts pyjamas.They are my best pyjamas in the house.We are going to bring coins to make a coin trail so we can buy a house for the people in Christchurch so they can live there safely in case they will have an earthquake there again.
by Madison.

Shared letter written by Room 1 children at Rotokawa School in Rotorua.
Dear Christchurch,
We are very sorry that you had an earthquake and lots of buildings got knocked over. We hope you have lots of fresh water to drink and you aren’t drinking yucky water from the tap. We’re glad no-one died in the earthquake. We hope you have lots of food. At our school we are having a pyjama day and coin trail to help raise money for you. Some families in our class have been setting up our survival kit in case we have an earthquake too. We feel really sad about the schools that have been damaged because the kids aren’t at school learning like us. We have been learning about the Christchurch earthquake and writing stories to try and understand what happened. We are thinking of you and hope we can raise lots of money for you. Look after each other.
From Room 1 Superkids.

Our hearts go out to the people of the Christchurch area. There is so much more than the ground experiencing the shake-up and it must be so tough going through this. We are thinking of you all and can only imagine the worry and concern everyone is experiencing. Those after shocks are such ugly things. ~ Lorraine, Pikowai.
When I heard about the big earthquake I thought that lots of people would've died. But when i Heard every one was alright, I was very relieved!

After hearing about the earthquakes I wanted to check to make sure everyone is safe. We just went through a hurricane which was nothing compared to what we are seeing on the news. I feel for all the people and the terror they must feel especially with the threat of aftershocks looming over the next week. ~ Judy, Canada
We had been told it is 'when, not if' for a big earthquake in NZ. I always thought it was more likely to happen in Wellington. It must be particularly scary for children when an aftershock occurs, and worrying that another is coming must be stressful. I am sad for the people of Christchurch that their lovely city will never be the same, having lost so many historic buildings. Thinking of you as you work to rebuild your lives. ~ Catherine, Auckland

Hi to the people of Christchurch. We are a year 3 and 4 class from Parkland School, in Palmerston North. We would like to let you know that we are thinking of you and hope that everyone is coping well. It has made us aware that earthquakes can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Good luck from Room 2.

I can only imagine how scary and distressing the initial earthquake and the aftershocks must be. I experienced some of the Edgecumbe earthquake from the fringes years ago. My heart goes out to you all during this time.

Hi Christchurch, we are a very small country school way down south but our hearts go out to you in your terrible sad and frightening time. The students at our school have made books and letters and I will be sending them your way soon. Hope being back at school is just what you need.
Glenham School

Kia Kaha CHCH

-------------Dylan Curtain----------------------

Earthquakes only happen on Earth.
Moonquakes only happen on the Moon.

Why else are we trying to get to Mars?

- Dylan Curtain Room Three

Some people had water...
Some people had electricity...

You on the other hand, had none...

- Dylan Curtain Room Three

-------------Dylan Curtain----------------------
Hi to you children of Christchurch We are writing to you from Rotorua, Westbrook School. We are so sorry to hear about the earthquake. It must have been very scarey for you.We talked about it for quite a while in class. We are having a pyjama day on Wednesday with all the other schools in Rotorua to raise money for you guys, to help you. Most of us children in Rotorua have experienced small earthquakes but not a big one like yours. Our teacher Mrs Onekawa-Sheehan was teaching in Whakatane when there was a big earthquake so if we have a big one here in Rotorua she will know what to do, hopefully! We will be thinking of you. Room 12 children.