How far did the Quake travel? Jessica (Taoroa School)

How many places were
 houses were broken Logan(Taoroa School)

Why did the earthquake happen? Grace, Sophelia, Hope, Liam & Lachlan (Room 5, Tainui School)
Hi its Amber Malone here i can tell you why - it is some thing that happens to the plates in the middle of the earth - under the earths crust.

Jill here - this site has some good diagrams to step you through the process of an earthquake..
How many schools got shut down? Grace, Sophelia, Hope, Liam & Lachlan (Room 5, Tainui School)
Hi it's Kayla 7 schools got shut down so far some school are open because they have little damage

all the schools got shut down for a week
Hi its Emma all skools got shutdown for a week all though some skools who recieved larger damage were shutdown 4 longer >.<
How much money has been spent on repairing the damage so far? Samantha, Bradley, Jackson, Connor & Sophie (Room 5, Tainui School)
Samantha - the estimate is $4 billon bucks i saw this on one news on 9th september from alex bell morrinsvile primary school year 1

This figure is likely to change over time. A lot of the cost will be paid by insurance companies overseas and some will be paid from our own earthquake fund in NZ.
How many houses weren't affected and which building was destroyed the most? Samantha, Bradley, Jackson, Connor & Sophie (Room 5, Tainui School)
Hi Room 5, our school is in Rangiora and we have had very little damage to our school. Some of the houses in Rangiora have no damage and some houses have little cracks. Some chimneys have had damage and had to come down. J2 Rangiora Borough School
What causes aftershocks? Lekeisha, Alicia, Dylan, Connor & Neave (Room 5, Tainui School)
basically what causes earthqukes is that the plates that cover the surface of the earth move, and there are usually quite a few small earth qukes after the main one (there can also be a few before aswell) these are called aftershocks and happen because the plates are still settling down after the big earthquake(s)
How many metres did the plates move? Ashleigh, Samantha, Charlie & Britney (Room 5, Tainui School)
The plates normally move 44mm a day but on September the 4th they moved a massive 5m causing the 7.1 earthquake we all know about. Zedroc
How many towns were affected? Ashleigh, Samantha, Charlie & Britney (Room 5, Tainui School)

Why did they put the earthquake down from 7.4 to 7.1 on the Richter Scale? Ashleigh, Samantha, Charlie & Britney (Room 5, Tainui School)
because they downgraded it after properly checking
What caused it?
Matthew (Rotokawa School)
Hi Matthew, Tessa here. A very good question you have asked here and apparently not so easy to answer. Here's one person's answer to the very same question. Click here to read more

For more in-depth information, diagrams, photos and links, go to Tectonics of the M7 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand Lots of very detailed explanations here.
How many people are in hospital?
Carlos (Rotokawa School)
Hey Carlos, as a result of the earthquake, two people were put into hospital. One was an elderly man who was unfortunate enough to have a roof fall on his head.
How many schools were affected by this earthquake?
Henry (Rotokawa School)
Hi there Henry, Tessa here again, I'm not sure how many schools have been affected yet either, but an interesting intensity map can be seen @ which shows the main areas that have been affected.
The Ministry of Education has made announcements on their website that read, "Civil Defence authorities in Canterbury have advised that schools in Christchurch City, Waimakariri District and Selwyn District will remain closed today, Wednesday 8 September." I'm sure some schools have gone back already, but each school Board of Trustees will have to make sure their schools are safe before the students go back.
Seeing that this earthquake had an unlikely chance of occuring in Christchurch, what are the chances of it happening Auckland? Alec (Pakuranga Heights Primary)
Hi there Alec, go to
Tectonics of the M7 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand
and check out the diagram that has the red dots showing the Ten years of shallow earthquakes in New Zealand. Auckland does not seem as close to the activity. Now forMount. Tess:)
Where are NZ fault

Room 1 Taoroa School
Hi Room 1. Jill here. I just did a Google search for "maps NZ Fault lines" and here's a few sites I found:
Government sites:
The following site has a small map of the fault lines. Note that the fault line for this earthquake is not visible on either map. They suspect that there may be other fault lines that are not currently recorded in the area.
Geonet site

Where do schools go if their schools have been crushed?
Sam, Room 9, Raumati Beach School
Hi Sam. Jill here. Schools in Christchurch are still closed but no doubt there will be some schools who will have at least part of their school needing repairs before classrooms can be used. The Board of Trustees for the school will work with other people in the community and with the Ministry of Education to work out what is best for their school. Some schools will also have lost equipment and resources so there may be things that we can all start to do over the coming weeks to help people out to recover some of their loss. Perhaps you could talk to your school principal to see what would happen at your school if buildings got damaged by earthquake, fire or floods etc. You may even like to come back in here and tell us what you find out.
How many after shocks are you getting? Andrew, Te Kura
Hi Andrew. Jill here. Check out the map and link on the Links about Earthquakes page. The site is constantly updated as aftershocks occur.
Hi Andrew, I am a teacher in Christchurch (also called Jill). This page is a good link - it is the geonet site and it shows recent earthquakes. Lots of people have it bookmarked now!!
How do the plates move?
Sapphire, Room 4
Stanley Avenue School
Te Aroha
Hi Sapphire. Jill here. There are lots of links that will explain this on the "Links about Earthquakes" page. You will find videos and a simulation site about it on the general information section near the bottom of the page. There is also this site that has an experiment you can do.
Hi Sapphire Rhys here. The reason plates move is because the magma is always swilling around underneth.

Can scientists stop or prevent earthquakes?
Terry, Room 4
Stanley Avenue School
Te Aroha
Hi Terry. Jill here. I think if scientists were able to stop earthquakes we wouldn't have earthquakes anymore. i think that is very unlikely to ever be the case. If you check out all the information pages here I'm sure you'll agree. What scientists have been able to do is design buildings that are better at withstanding earthquakes. You will see in the photos of Christchurch that a lot of the modern buildings survived better. That's not to say they won't get damaged or demolished in a quake, but they are built to have a better chance of surviving. I wonder if you would like to explore how they build buildings to have a better chance of surviving earthquakes and come back and share your findings with us. You may find some links on the "Links about Earthquakes" page or try a Google search. What keywords do you think would help you find out about that? Perhaps "building designs earthquakes" and try using the "find" tool in the edit menu of your browser to locate information on the page. Good luck in your search.
Is there something good about earthquakes
kyle room4 stanley ave
te aroha
Hi Kyle, what has been really positive in how the community has pulled together and helped each other out. There is a facebook site that students started up so they can find out who needs and other people are helping at the centres and baking. Most people are doing what they can to help and that is really good. :-)
How come some streets in Christchurch were more affected than others? - Livvy (Selwyn House School)
Hi Livvy. That is a fantastic question and one that has more than one answer.
Lets all do a scavenger hunt of the earthquake links article and see how many answers we can find. Add a bullet point with your answer and put your first name or school at the end of your answer.
  • Different soil types carry shock waves differently
How many
buildings were
dameged in the
room 4
stanley ave
te aroha
Hi Santana, out of the160,000 homes in the Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri areas, 100,000 could be damaged and some will have to be lost as they are too damaged to repair. Destruction continues with the very strong aftershocks and they have have estimated the cost to run close to $4 billion or more. They also say 20% of people's homes are now uninhabitable and the houses (90%) on the flat areas are seriously damaged by liquefaction. Tess:)
Have other
students been
visiting the geonet
Benedict 7 years
St Mary's Rotorua
Hi Benedict - we're a class of Year 5s in Raumati Beach - we've been watching the Christchurch Quake Map rather than the geonet site.--- dragonsinger dragonsinger Sep 9, 2010
Yes Benedict, our Yr 1 class have been visiting the geonet site as well as the above mentioned Christchurch Quake Map.
Have there been lots of miner injuries since the big earthquake?
Hazel age 7
Hi Hazel. I guess there will have been quite a few but over all we have been very lucky that damage has been mostly to property and not to people.
How many earthquakes have there actually been added up? I tried counting on the quake map but it is impossible!
Waikino primary school
Hi Lauren - I'm a teacher @ Raumati Beach School. I looked on the wikipedia page about the earthquake and it says that as of yesterday there have been 270 aftershocks! --- dragonsinger dragonsinger Sep 9, 2010
What are the chances of an earthquake in Dunedin? Molly, Georgia, Cameron, Sam & Caleb. Tainui School, Room 8
Hi Room 8. Jill here. I think as much as possible we should not worry about whether earthquakes might occur where we live, but instead develop some good readiness plans. We don't spend our lives worrying whether we might have an accident on the roads, but we do learn road safety to reduce our risk. I wonder how many of you have prepared an earthquake kit, or talked at home and at school about where you would go if you couldn't get home from school one day? When I lived up at Colville in the Coromandel Pennisula, we sometimes had heavy rains that would cause flooding, and the road between the school and the village could sometimes be under water during high tide when the stream water couldn't flow out into the sea so easily. Sometimes the school bus couldn't get out to the end of some of the bus runs, and kids might need to stay overnight with friends. With the Canterbury earthquake first jolt happening in the early hours of the morning before it was light, having a torch or some candles would have been helpful. So it is little things like that we could be thinking about just in case. Most of us will never experience a big earthquake in our lives.
How many homes were damaged in Christchurch? Jack, Manu & Blake. Tainui School,Room 8
Hi there guys, Santana above asked the same question, which I replied, out of the160,000 homes in the //Christchurch//, Selwyn and Waimakariri areas, 100,000 could be damaged and some will have to be lost as they are too damaged to repair. Destruction continues with the very strong aftershocks and they have have estimated the cost to run close to $4 billion or more. Tess:)
How come brick buildings fell instead of the modern buildings? Emma, Maddy, Callum & Nick. Tainui School, Room 8
Hi Room 8. Jill here. I wonder if this is a question that you could find out for yourself. What do you think has changed in the way buildings are built? Where could you find out? Are there some links on the links about earthquakes page that would help you find out. It is good to ask all these questions, but it would be great if everyone tried to find the answers, and when they do, come in here and type up what you have found. That's what inquiry is all about.
Have there been any landslides? Ella, Jessica, Alex, Rohan & Gray. Tainui School, Room 8
Hi again Room 8. There has been lots of subsidence. Can you find out what that word means and come back here next week to tell people what you found out. You could look in dicitinaries in your calssroom or check out an online dictionary such as
How many people were injured?Fletcher, Blake, Monique, Sophie & Campbell. Tainui School, Room 8
I think someone has already answered that question
Why were there so many aftershocks?Georgia, Samantha, Josh & Nathan. Tainui School, Room 8
Hi guys, another great question. There have been so many aftershocks because this is the earth's way of moving against the pressure and tension of the fault line. The aftershocks are situated near the main shock and many of these happen soon after the main shock, but are smaller in size. The aftershocks ease over time, but can continue for months after the main earthquake. Some of the aftershocks can be very big, shallow and cause even more damage and trauma to the people who live in the earthquake zone. Here is a good animation of a foreshock, main shock and aftershock which comes from There are also some great digital resources explaining all of this from the Digistore learning paths Tess:)
How far can earthquakes get up to on the Richter Scale? Kaci and Shayne. 8 and 9 years. Owhata school Rotorua.
i don't think earth quakes can get over a magnitude 10.
Can earthquakes take down big buildings like the Sky tower Jai room 8 year 4 Owhata School
Well not this one, because it wasn't close enough, neither was it powerful enough. If the quake was closer and more powerful, it could destroy something like the Sky Tower. 9 on the Richter Scale is the point that scientists estimate it will be powerful enough to destroy the entire world.

if the earthquake was big enough but big bulidings a built earthquake proof, that still doesn't mean that they won;t fall over
Where did the earthquake originate?
The epicentre of the Christchurch 2010 Earthquake was ten kilometres south-east of a small town named Darfield.
how meny shops came down?

can we prevent earthquakes No because they are natural occurance.
from happening?