Buildings crumble to the ground in a tangled mess
Loud fire sirens pierce the dusty air
Distraught faces cry to be freed from the rubble
The heart of Christchurch lies broken, ruined and lifeless
Our iconic buildings struggle to stay intact
Many are left homeless, many have no food, and many are left to wander the streets
Our city may be ruined, and so many lives lost
But the true generosity of people who helped many others
Will help everyone to rebuild Christchurch
By Mollie (Springston School)
After the Christchurch Earthquake we viewed photos, watched videos and read newspaper reports about the event. From this students were motivated to write similes to describe the Earthquake, and then as an extension we changed these into metaphors. We used Scribd as a publishing tool to present our writing. (Year 4-6 students from Orini Combined School).

Christ Church Earthquake Similes to Metaphors