Christchurch Earthquake Presentations
Thinking Critically about people's roles and responsibilities.
What next steps must these people think about to enhance Christchurch's situation ; Prime Minister, Mayor Bob Parker, Civil Defence Minister, School Principals, School Students, Parents, Police, Shop Owners, News Reporters, Hospital CEO's, Search and Rescue (SAR) ?
To complete this task we had to put ourselves in other people's shoes and explore the responsible thinking that they need to do to solve problems (Next Steps).
We needed to identify the affected people's needs , and skim and scan for relevant information about each role, and then decide what their thoughts and next steps would be .
We think it is important to discuss people's roles and responsibilities in a disaster so we are better prepared if it happens to us. We decided that if our presentations are to be successful they have to meet some criteria eg. We have to identify effective presentation features as well as make certain the content shows the high quality of our thinking.
We developed a checklist so we can assess each group's work . Some quality feedback will help us make effective improvements. Please look at these and make some helpful comments :-)

Nikki, Alice, Casey and Melissa Troy,Braden and John