Digistore Learning Paths
Below is a selection of learning paths designed to support students to explore earthquakes.
For further support and ideas about the effective use of digital content please visit the Digistore wiki: http://digistore.wikispaces.com/

What caused the Canterbury earthquake?
Learning objects from the ‘tectonic investigator’ series are used within this learning path to assist students to understand what causes earthquakes.
Link: http://digistore.tki.org.nz/ec/pin/UOOPLP?userid=5142


Earthquake Investigation
This learning path makes use of digital images to inspire discussion and to encourage students to further inquire into the Canterbury earthquake.
Link: http://digistore.tki.org.nz/ec/pin/KJQAJL?userid=5142


Earthquake Collection
Eight learning objects are stored within Digistore to support students to investigate earthquakes. Access all eight in one click via this learning path.
Link: http://digistore.tki.org.nz/ec/pin/LLLBLW?userid=5142